My writings (essays, articles, and blog posts) have appeared on the following websites:

Early Mama – Early Motherhood’s Been Good to Me

The Little Hen House – Can I Sit Here, Too?

Babble – Teaching My Girls About Beauty

Tots 2 Tweens – Losing Weight in 2012 with Mindful Eating

I am a senior editor at Baby Gizmo. For the site, I develop story ideas and write and edit informative, and, often, humorous posts and product reviews for parents. Here’s a selection of some of my writings on the site:

Just for Humor:

Just Like Kourtney K.

7 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

Product reviews:

My Brest Friend is my Best Friend

Don’t Blame Me for Buying a Blames

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Thank You Fisher Price Doodle Pro for Saving My Walls (and Sanity)

Advice and informational posts:

10 Fashion Essentials for Busy Moms

10 Rules for Dealing with Picky Eating Toddlers

5 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Kids

Tips for Packing One Diaper Bag for Two Small Kids

I maintain a parenting blog, Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT. There, I cover a variety of topics, including, but certainly not limited to, sleep deprivation, motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, toddlers (children), infants (children), fashion disasters, marriage and the unending plight for sanity.

You can find a selection of my favorite, personal, first-person posts from my blog below:

No Bon Bons for this Stay at Home Mom

Facebook Friends

On Successfully Letting Yourself Go

Such is the Life of a Working Mother

Help! I’m hungry and I can’t…

Not a Super Mom|On Not Doing it All

Pregnant Homeless Woman|Remind Me About This Post

Here are some of my favorite informational blog posts from Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT, intended to provide other moms (and dads) with tips from lessons learned in my own journey in motherhood/parenthood:

Breastfeeding for Weight Loss| What Really Works?

Personal Trainer Valerie Merriweather Talks Losing the Baby Weight

Tips for Preparing for Childbirth

How to be Pregnant and Not Hate Every Moment of it