Hi. I’m Jessica.

I’m a married mother of two and a freelance writer. In my, often, sparse spare time, I write on my personal blog Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT about the various pieces of my life, from motherhood to pregnancy, to mom jeans and other horrendous fashions, and aspirations to nap.

Before motherhood, I was a technical writer, editor, project manager, graphic arts specialist, public affairs assistant, paralegal, and graduate student (try saying that in one breath). As a graduate student, I majored in English at a mid-sized liberal arts university in Atlanta, GA. I received my Masters in August of 2009. Before that, I received my Bachelors of Arts in English and Communication.

This all should say that I have a passion for writing and literature, but it may not. My passion, after all, for writing, crafting messages for a variety of mediums, and helping others find their writing voices and messages came long before, when I was a child. Writing is my joy. It is my life.

It is my life story that inspired my creation of my blog as a vehicle to connect moms with their true stories and selves and highlight and give glory to the highs and lows of motherhood, of parenting, of adulthood, and of womanhood.

Thank you so much for visiting my professional website.

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